Only meditation and following a saint kind of life might not be a perfect solution to the chaos that the world is witnessing today… So what else you can do to maintain the balance of peace and cash in life? 

Before we begin with what’s and who’s, lets first go through the “5 points” that we will be discussing today, and they are: 

  1. How to attain peace even when there is no salary (GET CALM)
  2. How to spend an entire day with your wife, without fighting(GET PATIENCE)
  3. How can you replace expensive parties with a budget one(GET CONTROL)
  4. How can you afford Baskin & Robbins, through the financial crunch(GET MANAGED)
  5. How can you benefit from WFH (Work From home) situation(GET INTELLIGENT)

So why majority of us are suffering from these scenarios? Don’t worry, you are not depressed. That is not the point is, but this age is offering way more things that we ever asked for. The good part is that the remedies are there, but people are being unaware of the existing solutions.

Did you know that According to a recent study headed by scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada, eating commercial baked goods (fairy cakes, croissants, doughnuts, etc.) and fast food (hamburgers, hotdogs and pizza) is linked to depression.

Now, who can say not to the crunchy chicken baskets with soya chaps in tortillas. Sadly even the gyms are getting expensive, and they ask for way more time than we can actually afford. If you are one of them who have adopted yoga and even managed to get time for meditation, then half of the journey is already done. So lets discuss the 5 things that would change the way you have been living: 

  1. How to get Calm: Meditation is the answer. Trust me, its addictive. 
  2. Get patience: Power Yoga, it lets the fresh air build a palace of positiveness inside you
  3. Get Control: Reading Fictions and Autobiographies. 
  4. Get Managed: By Discussing your finances at home.
  5. Get Intelligent: By asking questions to Google for everything that come across.

Its not a complete life changing tasks. All you need is focus. Now the remedy to get will power and focus at the very same time is Homeopathy Treatments. This Corona Age has proved that ancient medications like Ayurveda and substantially proven results of Homeopathy are the only way to get a body that is ready for any situation. 

Don’t think that covid can be treated from a Homeopathy treatment, but yes, it can be avoided for once. Secondly, you can also increase the level of focus and avoid stress and anxiety with homeopathy treatments. They work because unlike allopathy, they don’t work on the pain area. A Homeopath Doctor usually goes way beyond in your past to see whether an emotion was ever triggered or not and then literally (like a chef) would cook a medicine for you. 

Why all these? Because homeopathy does not work on the pain area, but it works at the root. This answers the oldest question in the books of history about Homeopathy, why Homeopathy works slow? In reality it does not. If it takes times, that means it is working on some other part of your body that has caused the ailment that your are suffering from. 

So, get a dose of Homeopathy and start reading the new chapters of Yoga and Meditation, rest the universe will take care of itself.