In today’s time, one of the most common physical discomfort that a large number of people experience is back pain. At one point or another, an individual is may experience either acute or chronic back pain  Though it may seem like it does not affect an individual that much but it is one of the leading reasons for the people to take a leave from their work.  Back pains can range from mild to severe discomfort and can be treated with proper medication and exercises. 

Causes of back pain: While back pain can be caused by plenty of reason, but discussed below are the most common causes of back pain. 

1. Strain

While lifting heavy objects or some sudden awkward movement leads to having strained muscles. This is of the the most common cause of back pain.

2. Structural problems

The interlocked bones in our spinal cord, called vertebrae are stacked one top of the other. Between then are tissues called “disks” that fill in the space.  When this disk is injured, it gives rise to back pain. But when these disks bulge, they can crush our nerves and this can be cause piercing pain in our spine. This is called as having “herniated disk injury.”

3. Arthritis

Another common condition which leads to back pain is arthritis. It is the swelling of joints in the spine and is caused by damage of the cartilage joints in our back.

4. Osteoporosis

When our bones become brittle and weak, it can lead to osteoporosis. When this happens, our bones might collapse or get fractured which can be quite painful and thus lead to severe back pain.


While back pain has quite a few symptoms, it is advised not to ignore the early signs even if they are mild because it can eventually turn into a serious problem. Discussed below are some of such signs that one should never ignore if they have back pain: 

  • Is a dull aching sensation is felt in the back
  • a stabbing pain that can radiate down the leg to the foot
  • not being able to stand up straight without pain 
  • a decreased range of movement  in the back

One of the ways through which an individual can figure out whether or not they have serious back problem would be to see if they have the following symptoms: 

  • loss of bowel and bladder control 
  • loss of sensation or tickle like feeling  in one or both legs
  • following a traumatic event like falling on your back 
  • intense and constant pain that worsens by night
  • unexplained weight loss occurring out of the blue
  • pain and throbbing sensation in the abdomen 

Back pain can be categorized into two types namely, acute and chronic back pain. As the name suggests, acute back pain only lasts for about 6 weeks and is not very serious. Whereas on the other hand, chronic back pain is long-term and can cause severe discomfort, while lasting up to 6 months. 

How homeopathy helps in curing back pain. 

Known to be side-effect free and aimed to eliminate the illness by its root cause, homeopathic treatment is your answer to fight back pain in the most safe and painless way. By being made up of only the best chosen natural ingredients, homeopathic medicines can be used for a long duration by offering permanent relief from back pain, whatever may the type be, acute or chronic. Thus the homeopathic treatment is the top choice in treating your back pain.